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17 December 2009

My first Jewelry Exhibition

My first Jewelry Exhibition at the Art place "ALEKTON"
Here is my invitation.
I will post soon photos from my exhibition.

03 December 2009

30 September 2009

"Etsy: New way of shopping! "

Presentation of Etsy at "ErmouMag"

Ermou Mag is an online magazine about fashion.
Today it has a great presentation about Etsy.

Visit Ermou Mag and read a wonderful article full of photo.

Flower silver studs

Flower silver studs with a swarovski crystal in the midle.
Also available in gold plate.
You can find it and more beautiful jewelry at my Etsy shop:

26 September 2009

Long silver dots earrings

Long silver oxidized dots earrings.
Many Sterling silver hamered dots.
Coming soon in gold too.

You can buy them at:


02 September 2009

Etsy Greek Street Team

I joined the Etsy Greek Street Team!
I'm very happy to be a member of an Art Group!
It's a street team for all Greek Etsy sellers on the US, Europe and Greece, to share resources and experiences and to provide support and encouragement.

Some of my favorite Etsy Greek Stret Team Sellers!






06 June 2009

Branch with leafs silver Pin

Branch with leafs Pin.
Silver 925.
Small branch you can put one two or more.
Also availabe in gold plate 24K silver.
They could be earrings too!
Each one costs 36usd.

07 May 2009

Green enameled flower pendant

A new green enameled pendant. I list it today at http://www.marelf.artfire.com

Handmade green enameled pendant decorated with a simple flower pattern hanging from two gold steel wires। Gold plated 24K silver, 4cm। Also available in RING। You choose if you want it in gold plate or silver। Also available in many different colours। You just have to ask me!


04 May 2009

The best dolls i've ever seen by Marina Bychkova

One of my favorite jewelry


Handmade enameled gold platet 24K silver ring decorated with small tint of brown circles. Also available in pendant. You choose if you want it in gold plate or silver. Also available in many different colours. You just have to ask me!


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