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18 March 2010


Το 2ο παζαρι της ομαδας μας με κοσμηματα, ρουχα, πασχαλινα δωρα , φαγητα,γλυκα και πολλες εκπληξεις.
ολα φτιαγμενα απο εμας!

20-21 σαββατο και κυριακη μετα τις 5.00 και ως τις 10.00

16 March 2010


An oxidized ring with a bright line.
It is open to fit any finger size, but i can make it in your size.

A pair of sterling silver earrings 7cm long.
They seems like branches with tiny silver balls and a domed oxidized disk
like a flower with a pearl in the middle.
The earrings are different between them.
The oxidized flower is in a different position in each one.
They have a matt finish.

A simple yet impressive big round caved ring with a an originally uneven rim.
It's oxidized with a little pearl .
It's sterling silver with a mat finish. 3 cm diameter.
The ring is open to fit any finger size.

You can find more at my shop 

08 March 2010

Monday Moodboard

3. evihan 4. elukka

My first Monday Moodboard.
These are some of my favorite handmade items created by talented Etsy sellers.
For more Monday Moodboard go to fleurfatale's blog


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